When working on and

Release Requirements

  1. Resolution: 2000px height, unless the Raw is smaller.
  2. Correct English with normal punctuation.
  3. Cleanliness: pages are rotated to be straight, clean edges, dust-free, black areas are leveled to black, white areas to white, avoid over-leveling.
  4. Font: different fonts are used for different types of text.
  5. SFX: either replace the SFX entirely, or arrange the translated SFX next to the original Japanese ones.

  6. Multi-coloured pages saved as JPG, monochrome pages (contain only shades of one colour) saved as PNG-8 32 colours.

  7. Have credits page.

Credits: name of the manga and artist, everyone who was involved in the scanlation process, and a link to


  1. Yuri only, or relevant titles that appeal to many yuri fans.
  2. Only Raw provider who paid for the Raw themselves will be given credits.
  3. If it's possible, please scan monochrome pages in grayscale and at 300dpi.
  4. Resolution larger than 2000px is preferred, so that editors can perform rotation/cropping and still release edited page at high resolution.


  1. Post your translation by any method that you prefer, most translators save their work in a *.TXT file and upload directly on board.
  2. Either British or American English is okay, as long as it’s consistent in the same series.
  3. Translate as close to original Japanese meaning as possible.
  4. Translate SFX too when you can, or at least type them out. You can look up SFX translation in these database: The JADED Network or Nihongo Resources.

  5. All names should be romanized according to Hepburn rule, unless it's a non-Japanese name.
  6. Keep name order just as how they appeared in the material. Generally that would be surname - given name for Asian names, and vice versa for Western names.
  7. Japanese name suffix is optional, but keeping them is preferred.


If you're inexperienced or need tips, check out Editing Tutorial and Rikai's editing tips: You can also ask for guidance in the thread you're working on, or go to Yuri Project's IRC channel to consult other editors. Keep in mind:

  1. Use a program that has a layers feature such as Photoshop, always save and keep *.PSD files until a project is archived.
  2. Vertical resolution is to be reduced to 2000px unless Raws are smaller, never enlarge an image.
  3. Typical font for dialogue is Wild Words, yelling is bold-italic Wild Words, hand written text is augie, narration is Chinacat, thought is Zud Juice. But you can be creative as well.

  4. SFX: either replace the SFX entirely, or arrange the translated SFX next to the original Japanese ones (font close to the original Japanese font).

  5. Save monochrome pages (black/white, or blue/white, or red/white, etc.) as PNG-8. In Photoshop, this is File -> Save for Web -> choose "PNG-8", "Adaptive", "Diffusion", type in 32 for "Colors", "Dithers" 100%.

  6. Make credits page. Note that if the Raws came from the general internet (unknown source), there's no need to mention the Raws source.
  7. Post the zip of edited pages after you're done. And:
    • Always include the credits page in the zip, even if it's only for QC.
    • Always add "in QC" to the zip name.

Quality Check

QC is a broad process that usually involve several people. When you do this, it is best to look at the edited version alongside the translation text file and Raws. Each QCer can choose to look at some or all of the following aspects:

  1. Translation: meaning accuracy, text is in the right bubbles, SFX translated.
  2. English: proper grammar, no typos, good readability and flow.
  3. Editing: proper resolution, proper file type, cleaned properly, consistent font choice, SFX has good redraw, text fits the bubble and properly centered (both vertically and horizontally), no missing text or missing SFX.

QCers can step in to help with partial SFX editing/typesetting if the primary editor can't do that. After the editor posted the first edited version, the project will remain in QC for at least 5 days.


After the QC period is over, if no more complaints are brought up and all requirements are met, the work can be archived.

  1. Renaming pages to convention: title_of_the_manga_vol1_ch01_01 (all lower case)
  2. Zip up the pages directly without additional folder, name: Title Of The Manga [yuriproject]
  3. Put up new releases on Home Page

  4. Upload the zip to Yuri Project's mediafire folder and Dynasty reader.
  5. Announce closure in the project thread and clean up the thread later on.

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